This scene has a triangle count of 2.

That’s right, you are looking at a flat plane consists of 2 triangles running in the Blender 2.5 Game Engine. There is no run-time subdivision, no geometry shader, all the magic is happening in the pixel shader. It’s completely 3D looking, you can fly around it, there is light, shadows, bumps, shiny lakes, and even height-based fog.

Isn’t Relief Mapping great?

Youtube Video
Youtube Video2

A big thanks to Martins Uptitis for porting the shader for Blender. I’ll upload video and a short how-to soon.

totally unbeliavable …
Does it actually requires Blender2.5?

wow thats pretty sweet! :smiley:


Wow, that’s incredible. I would love to see a how-to video! Let me know when it drops!

Is this actually usable in-game for logic, or would it be better for the distance?



let’s just hope it’s not to intensive on the computation side.

fucking awesome O_o

Now that impress me 8-o

how many verts??? oh wait its a plane with two tris in it :o

thats pretty awsome "i don’t see how u can do that with only two polies and and four verts unless it’s a render the “depth thing ,height” in game engine as an example fps wouldn’t work would it

Very impressive stuff! It could be really handy for geometry on a horizon or any other geometry that the player wont interact with directly.

Omg that’s … WOW… I can’t believe it. Tut plz! :smiley:

why dont u show us a wireframe? :smiley:

I can do better than showing wireframes, here is the Blender file. 4MB packed

The actual demo (relief mapping) does not require 2.5. But the new Blender is so much nicer/faster to work with that I have given up on 2.49 almost completely. But for this file to work on 2.49, small modification of the mouselook script will be needed.

Thanks for the blend! It’s amazing… but mega lag for me :frowning:

Pretty cool!

The problem is, you can only get a birds-eye view. You can’t have objects interact with it (like, say go behind the mountain) so you can’t really use it for games that are restricted to the right camera angles, like a strategy game. Great for, say, a map visualization, but pretty limited in use otherwise.

Awesome for airplane games!


Why does someone always do EXACTLY What I Had IN Mind?!?



We r mind readerz! >=D

That would work great for an RTS! Oh wait, no one has ever managed to make one of those in Blender…

Darn it! Why am I stuck with ATI!?