This section is for showing your finished/wip animation work


this section of the forums is for showing your animations. finished, and works in progress.
if you have questions about animation system in blender (or other areas) please use our support section for that.

have fun!


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got to agree with that too many people just posting wherever.

I only noticed this now. This is great! I’ve been asking for this quite a few times before because one does not get (relevant) responses to animations when one posts to the WIP or focused crit sections: people tend to evaluate animations as static images.

Later it would be great to have an animation Focused Crit forums for serious animators…

BTW, when we talked about the need for a section such as this one a while ago, some thoughts popped up:

  • People should add a few key still frame shots in the posting so that one can get an idea of what to expect in the animation
  • The person generating the posting should say what the download size of the animation is.
  • When someone posts an animation for the purposes of showing a basic demo or timing, he does not have to spend a lot of time fully rendering out the animation. Instead, he can just render the OpenGL version by pressing Control + (the most right button at the bottom of the 3D view’s frame). This renders very fast and the resulting file size is quite small for up- and downloading purposes.Bandwidth is relatively expensive for us over here in South Africa.

good points AnyMation.
also i hope people wouldn’t compress the movie files into zip/rar/7z…

about the idea of Focused Crits for animations… let’s just see now how much usage this gets first. you can always say when you are posting that you need real comments and crits about your work…


A stupid question: why do you say you hope people wouldn’t Zip/etc. their files? Or do you mean you would prefer them to upload to something like YouTube - so that one can stop early if you do not want to watch it - without downloading the whole thing?


mmh… maybe i’m just lazy.
but if they are archived, i can’t do my usual “right click”->“open in mplayer” (which downloads the file to /tmp and then plays it)

also, to me it kind of feels like if people would zip their jpegs and pngs everytime they post them…


it should also be noted that zipping, rarring, or otherwise archiving a video file won’t really give you much, if any, reduction in file size. This is especially true if the video file is already encoded to a compressed video codec.

I forgot to take a few snaps and upload them and it’s a pain so I won’t bother now… here’s an open gl (thanks anymation for showing me that) of my first serious animation attempt, though it is still simple. I doubt any of you saw it, but I had made a space yahtzee, and from there I decided to do space risk, so I did. I went with the classic wooden risk with wooden cubes for soldiers, I even textured them :slight_smile: You can’t tell with open gl but they are on a risk board, in australia. The amimation will pretty much just be the camera going around the board, zooming in now and then, music in the background, and the animation will be a risk game being played. The pieces will magically multiply, morphing into multiple troops, and they will constantly be jumping on each other to get battle results.
the .avi downloadable file is at

well, I decided to use this thread for my animation, but it doesn’t seem to be getting a response here so I’m moving it.

oh heh… sorry… i didn’t mean this thread is the place you put your animations into… but this section of the forums (where this thread is)…


lol ok my bad.

Since people keep posting question, and even debates ! in this forum, I wondered why, perhaps the fact that the forum names are quite similar (Animation and Animations) is some fast readers to confuse them…

What about renaming to “Movies”, “Your Animations”, “Your Animations Here”, “Show your Movies”, “Show or leave, don’t ask” or something of that sort ?

I agree absolutely with malefico. Actual naming may be confusing.
I have found also useful to introduce new category of Support - Rigging.
Because now rigging questions are spread in fact on dozens of other categories (Animation, Modelling or even Basics & Interface).

Hello !
Particle explosion test ,sound synchro. sequencer ,final composition Virtual Dub ,
1,15 MB .aim just disappointed how works material ipo with particles ,but whatever ,cheers


Nice thread.
Here is a animation WIP.
I have a whole bunch of thigs I am going to animate with this robot but here is two of them.
If you have any feedback feel free to share :slight_smile:

Here is a recent animation I put up on YouTube. It is by no means a quality model, however I really like how the casual voice sits with the characters. I am looking to make a series of these as the material is easy to come by. The model was created ages ago but I have only recently upgraded my computer to give me enough power to tackle lip sync, movement and long render times.

look forward to any feedback…cheers

Here is a little animation I made. It’s not supposed to be quality, but I’m planning to do more.

Hi !!!
Buttons mult

I was trying out the armateur sketch tools in blender.
I tried it out by making a tentacle, yeah I know, very original.
I continued working a bit and I made a really big tentacle.