This section is for showing your finished/wip animation work

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A master sword animation that I made a while back using Blender:

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Hi animators! This thread is very silent, but I’m determined to bring it back to life ^^

These are characters for a game I’m developing: Magnet-O-Bro.

(sorry if the size is too big, is there any way to resize them here, like “img width=blahblah”?)

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This is another video game character, but with a slow, serious animation.

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How do you post a short animation of what you are working on??

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Insert Video option

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hey guys i wanna show you some low poly animation i made, i hope you like it

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Admin reopen my hread:

i want take my anim in one place

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Done. In the future, though, please use the Report Post feature (it’s the triangular icon at the bottom left of every post). This usually gets seen fastest by the moderation team.

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This is my latest mocap work:

Our studio - Mocap Studio

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Greetings everyone!This is my first post and I would like to share with you my animation tests in Blender.I am a total beginner so if you have any tips dont hesitate to spit them out.These are all freshly made testing vids and I thought this thread is the right place to get some feedback.

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Would this include the mini-maritime routes I make?
I could get many down to about 2 meg.
Animations would be drivable sailing ship or barge and probably small scenarion like collect cargo or AI boat moving through docks of c1800?
See wip and screenshots.

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As long as it’s an animation, its subject matter is not relevant (as long as it does not fall foul of

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