This site should reverse post order or enable manual thumb selection

Im not sure if this has been discussed to death already but it seems that the current functionality for auto choosing the thumb to be displayed when browsing posts in the list format is taken from the first image found in the firsts posts.

So the trend now it seems is to edit the first post because it then updates the thumb. I just did it myself for the first time while participating in BC robot competition and just now a few minutes ago saw a new entry where the user explicitly mentions he will be using the first post block for all latest updates.

Basically this could also be because of the incorrect default choice for sort order in a thread. The manner in which we consume information in non blog/forum situations like facebook, twitter etc is to provide the most current information first.

I know its not just this forum but most of them all over the internet list by date from oldest to newest and yet logic tells me I want to know the most current news/state of any thread first … and should I feel the need to backtrack for more info then I will

any thoughts …would a change in this functionality be possible or are we just going to have to keep editing the first post to make it work the way we want?

Many threads in this forum are “I have a problem, can you help me?” type. The latest post rarely makes much sense unless you read the first post to find out what the problem is. BA has tools to view the first unread post, and you can jump to the last page of long posts. Social sites like Facebook are around to answer the question: “What’s new with you?” so there is a reason to post newest first.

Being able to tag an attached image to use as the thumbnail is a good idea, though.

The pagination shortcuts in the list view are handy as well as other tools , I was describing the default functionality per se

Yes perhaps current sort order is more suitable in such question answer situations although even then not always , but for WIP it definitely should be reversed.

Some forums will try a different tack, the first post of the thread will show up on the top of each page as you read through it, though I do find it making the most sense to just have the thread go in chronological order from the earliest posts to the most recent ones (this is what the majority of internet forums do anyway including many art forums).

but for WIP it definitely should be reversed.

I guess there are arguments and logical reasons for both ways. But if you were going to show the last image shown in the WIP thread it should only be the last post of the person who started the thread. So if someone who is reading a thread decides to post some example of something, that shouldn’t show up on the thumbnail, only the last thing the original poster uploaded.

Personally I feel it should stay like it is, even in the WIP threads and should be up to the user to decide which way to do it… I’m just happy they finally added thumbnails.

Oh. That makes sense.
In the second post I used the site image attachment and uploaded the file from my computer. I suppose that type of attachment must be in the first post in order for it to pull it as the thumbnail.
I will try that now.

EDIT: That did it. Thanks again.

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