This system is able to work blender?

I’ve seen the system requirement in Blender’s site. Mine didn’t match, so asked here.

My system has Core2Duo Intel processor @2.93Ghz
2Gb RAM ddr2, and Graphics properties: intel express chipset G41

Is this able to work with blender?
I’ll be buying 2Gb ram more soon.

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Yes, a G41 and latest drivers are supporting OpenGL 2.1, so it’s enough to work with Blender as it support every Blender features.

Previously i had a weaker “card”, a G31/33 that supported only OpenGL 1.4 and still Blender worked very well, only the GLSL features were not functionning (GLSL requiring more than OpenGL 1.5), and people have been using Blender with even weaker component, so don’t worry about your system, it’s good enough.
More memory is always good anyways.

I see. Thank you for the reply and the info :slight_smile: