This time I am going to finish....TM models an Audi A5

I was going to post this earlier on in the week. But than I had plans of finishing the body before doing so. But work happened, my fellow Engineers out there will know what its like when you are about to go out on tender on a project. But no excuses

I got my game face on and Momma said to knock you out

If I have critiqued your car project, here is me practising what I preach if you see me slipping put me on the right track with a good crit.

I think when I have finished the body I will post this on smcars its time to swim with the big sharks. For a sardine such as me you can see how this could be terrifying.

Tis looking flawless at the moment (but what do I know…). I got put off by SMCars because no-one would look at my threads never mind reply to them. I think it’s the 3ds Max snobbery that causes it…

I’ll be following this :slight_smile: Keep it up!

That made me laugh a bit :smiley: Well, I know that while we may notice things when examining another person’s model, we sometimes accidentally overlook the same issues when modeling our own things - maybe because there’s the rest of the project going through our heads? I guess that’s why it helps to have a great forum like this around.

Anyway, that looks amazing, TM! The topology is so clean and even, it’s kinda awe-inspiring :wink: Only thing I notice is the bottom corner of the door, I think it could maybe cause you some problems later on - I had something very similar on the Golf’s door but I had to rework it due to Subsurf problems…

Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this!

Basically what MW said, including the comment on the door.

Whoa whoa…what does this thread title mean? :eyebrowlift2:

This time I am going to finish…
Does this mean you’ve never finished the WIPs you’ve posted??? :mad::mad:

You better post updates at least once a week until this is finished or else :ba:

Seriously, I doubt that I’m able to offer much in the way of C&C, but I might be asking some ‘how & why did you’ questions…


+1 to that, I’ll probably be posting a few of those as well… that’s a nice Location in your profile, btw :wink:

@GrandeP thanks man, I will see how it goes on SMCars what I have noticed in my lurking is that guys don’t really care what program you use but you have to be really good to get eyeballs on your work.

@fax thanks man

@MeshWeaver and Writer’s Block I think I can get away with that topology on the door because its pretty flat and the extra cuts help hold that curve that Audi puts there.

the problem areas are actually to either end on the wheel wells… as you can see in my attached pics

flat areas rule you can get away with dodgy topology. MeshWeaver my location is nice if it is not summer, average temperature in summer 35 degrees Celsius about 95 Fahrenheit.

@revolt_randy bad track record on finishing I think I finished my M6, came really close with my morris mini <-this car is actually pretty advanced I think 2 weeks of solid work and I could finish it off.


Is there a reason why you have so many edge loops around the wheel arches and doors?

I posted some of my work on SMCars and never got any decent replies. I won’t be using them again.

subdivision? sharp edges…

Looking forward for final render. Do nice lightening!

Oh, well, I was actually talking about revolt_randy’s location (“In a van down by the river”) :o I guess I wasn’t very clear…

Topology looks great, btw! I was indeed mistaken about the door, I thought you would sharpen that edge on the door as well… :o

For the problem area that you encircled, I think you should try making those couple of edge loops that run around the wheel arches (those that form the sharp edge of the wheel arches) go all the way down the mesh, and also the couple that forms the horizontal edge go all the way past the wheel arches on either side.
Could illustrate if that didn’t make sense if you post a bigger screenshot.

You did the whole car in only one object, or is it separated in several pieces?
I’m currently also working on a car and I did a separate object for each piece.
I wonder what’s the best idea?

@meshweaver oops, I thought that was directed at me…

@GodOfBigThings I will give that a try

@zouzou all one single mesh object maybe I should seperate the parts that move doors, hood, boot, side mirrors could aid in rigging things if I get to that stage. As of now its one mesh but its not a connected mesh

I did a different mesh for each part (door, bumpers, roof, hood…).
But now I think that it is better to do as you did and maybe after separate the part.
Cause what’s is not good in the way I used, is that sometimes the vertex of one mesh are not in front of the next one…

I did a different mesh for each part of the car (bumper, hood, roof, door…)
But at the end, I think that the way you did is better and as you said maybe separate the mesh after.
Because, in my case, some vertex of one mesh are not in front of the ones of the next mesh, and so I have to align the edges.

dammit TM, you make my car topology look like it was drawn by a baby with a shaky arm!
and for the record, this looks brilliant :smiley:

This was obviously a pretty feeble april fool /nod At least he got it right with the last three words. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, one wonders why TM is slacking on the posts? :slight_smile:

Dammit I forgot It was April fool’s, I miss it every bloody year :L
I agree though, maybe he’s on holiday or something.