This time of year

In this time of year small mountain people visit each other and exchange gift’s. His population decline during last couple century’s because of many reason, so they must travel further and further to reach friends and relatives. So, where they find such nice, fancy stuff? Well, they have old deal with some old bearded human, in exchange for small services he supplies them with many things, like warp paper and shiny bands.
I make his fur yellowish, to separate them from whit background, after all, polar bears are not pure white… so why not. This is my first attempt with Blender hair… after countless crashes I lose my groom… and in the end make much simplest version.
This is my entry for CGBoost challenge Snow Creature

this time I make very elaborate sketch :nerd_face:



I like this - something endearing about this ugly-arse yeti coming home to his lonely little cave - but looking so happy with his ONE little christmas present :slight_smile:

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