This was originally a fork.

I was taking a break on another project and made a simple fork, and started stretching it out and extruding bits, then slapped in a couple of keyframes to make it fly around, and made it into a spaceship on a whim (here’s the original fork/ship and animation):

By that point it had grown on me, so I cleaned it up a bit, composed my image a bit more, did a little bit of compositing and called it done (the first image is the final render). Probably spent less than an hour on this overall.


I think I want to make a point of doing one or two small projects like this a week. Just quick, fun, silly stuff because finishing a project always makes me feel like starting something else.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my larger projects 'n all, but this definitely motivated me to do more work on that than if I spent the whole time just focused on the one thing.

I could not tell if you didn’t say it’s a folk, haha. Good work, forkship