This website is kinda like a malfuctioning necromancer :D

I love the new Blenderartists, its elegant, its cool, very easy to navigate , new image library is awesome

However one weird thing about it is that everytime I visit a topic it suggest me to reply to topic that are like 10 years old. Generally this is a practice that frown upon in other forums. I see a lot of people reviving old threads and cannot blame them. Is it a feature , a bug , or a featured bug ? See what I did there ? :smiley:

That shouldn’t happen the recommended posts should be max 1 year old (unless you have already read them all). Can you share the URL and a screenshot please?

this is an example

Although almost all topics i visit i get old links, except this one. Maybe its scared of you Bart , like a naughty boy it is :smiley:

PS: Probably because this is a new section of the forum

Hmm, the logic is:

  • Suggest any topics from the last 365 days that the user hasn’t read yet
  • If there are no topics to suggest, go further back in time

Perhaps you already read them all? :slight_smile:

I say I am a fan, not a stalker ! :smiley:

Maybe who knows, but I do not read that many topics as you can see from my user stats.

PS: If it is just me, no complains , I just made this thread because I see a significant amount of people reviving very old threads.

Yeah I’ll keep an eye on it

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just for the record here is another one so you dont think I exaggerate

almost every topic I visit, just saying, not a major issue for me. Peace !

I can confirm. I regularly found myself answering some threads, only in the last moment did i realize that i was about to necro’ an old thread.
It has the side-effect of me ignoring recommended threads, because i am not a necromancer.

I like this.
People forget, yet nothing really dies.