This weekend?

(Timothy) #1

Yep hopefully I’ll finally be able to launch this weekend… working very hard to finish alot of stuff right now.

(gtman) #2

I’m doing my best to enable that :slight_smile:

(gtman) #3

I got the main theme and look, tonight I’ll edit some of the other stuff like font settings and such. Couldn’t do it last night cause I had to unexpectedly go out :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timothy) #4

Sweet looking great!!!

oh I made all pages of 100% HTML 4.01 transitional.

I also tested it on browsers and it seems to work great on all browsers I wanted so I am really happy with that :slight_smile:

(gtman) #5

ok, I think thats most of the hacking that needs doing now. Might add some later when I get some more time. adios!

(nishin) #6

This cannot be said enough times!
You guys are doing a terrific job here! :smiley:

(Timothy) #7

I will do some more hacking tomorrow evening aswell,… gonna fix those links etc.

Too bad this forum isn’t proper html though,… DAMN DAMN DAMN :slight_smile:

Anyways sunday will hopefully be lift off,… of not sunday I will postpone to next weekend. (meaning friday so intime for CJ :D)

(Timothy) #8


I haven’t had time to get all the content into the database today so I will have to postpone the relaunch to this wednesday evening (CET).

(SKPjason) #9


My how far Kib’s come in such a short time… :wink:

(wewa_juicyb) #10

WOW you guys sure are workin’ your asses off (excuse the language)! This Wednesday aye? HEY that’s tomorrow! wopie! Thanks guys!,

(Sprite) #11

:smiley: You do know that the Wednesday Kib refers to was a couple of months ago?