This will be a fantastic movie

Why’d you let him hit you?

It was his turn!

Hmm. Except they want you to pay money to watch it :eek:

Heh, kinda remind of the ATHF:FFT, I would never pay money to see it. I’d just rent it.Nevermind its c oming straight to dvd. So I’d spend ten bucks to rent it just to see mario;)

I can only say as someone who’s only seen the trailer, I would expect this sort of production to be released for free on the internet. Maybe if you’re acquainted with the people who made it and they have some kind of cult status, you would support them. But for people who don’t know anything about them, I don’t understand how they expect to become recognised if you can only buy the dvd. I don’t mean that they shouldn’t sell a dvd - t\I think they should - but why not do it in a similar way to ED, where you can either choose to support them by buying the DVD or if you haven’t got the cash, you can just download it. Maybe for people in the states its ok if the dvd is cheap (maybe it’s like 10 dollars - I dunno). But for people outside the states it becomes a bit more complicated. Also since the dvd is only in ntsc format you can only watch it on your pc if you’re in europe.

I might be interested to watch their movie, but I doubt that I’ll ever be able to rent it here and would certainly not buy it. They’re limiting their potential audience by only distributing by ntsc dvd… Do they make money out of this? How many people actually will buy their dvd? I guess it’s targeted at a niche - more of the classic gaming culture in the states. Maybe people outside the states just don’t understand this stuff, hehe.