This would be cool

Dont you think it would be super cool to have access to the Logic Bricks from python in blender. I don’t mean in the game engine I mean outside. This would be nice becuase then you can make extrernal game script to setup things with logic brick instead of creating brick one by one.

If that was true, then you could gather all data in blender, write a game engine, and use something like pygame with pyopengl, ode …

You already can gather all the data in blender and use pygame with pyopengl, but if you wanted to impliment a game engine that could use the gamelogics bricks in python it would not be possible.

only draw back would be you will need blender,pygame,pyopengl,ode…etc to run the game.

hmmmmm, sounds like a neat idea but i dont like all those things running in the background… =\

I think you can actually use python to use the logic bricks. At least thats the impression I got when the blender book was giving out the python stuff in the logic brick chapter.

you can but thats Only in the game engine

What if you want to make a script that loaded an entire map and set up culling using empties? each empty would need to be assigned logc brick… and doing it in game would be slow. So it would be sensable to make a script that added the bricks to the empties to add it for the game engine time

What sutabi means is accessing the logic bricks from a non-realtime python script. I agree that would be useful. I wanted to do that for my bah_CamBug script but its not possible. :frowning:

Keith. 8)

Yeah I have wanted that for a while too. Very frustrating having to keep logic bricks straight. I’d like for the game engine to be a little more agnostic in this regard. It would be awesome if it were more viable to use only logic bricks, as well as more viable to ditch them altogether and use only python! Instead of how it is now, it basically forces you to use both.