Thistle Abstraction

It has been awhile since i have posted a work or anything for that matter so i decided to work on something. THis is what i got:

800x600 -

1024x768 -

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Beautiful! I love the feel, you’ve got great control of colours.

thankyou, i created the image by first creating the crocus then using ramp shaders and colors for both color and spectral then used my glass material to create more complexity! i might have another one like this in the future!

Could you please make 1024 x 768 render of that?

I wanna use it for my wallpaper. :smiley:

Great work. :wink:

Very good looking. Only one crit one of the prongs on a crocus seems to be intersecting another prong from the other crocus.

You should hold on th this and submit it to the 2.35 splash contest

i will make a 1024x768 version - go to the page and tell me if you would rather have the light blue or the purple version!

actually they aren’t intersecting (i was waiting for someone to say that) the left one is beneath the right one and it is the refraction of the right one that makes that illusion! thanks!

what’s the splash 2.35? and where can i get the latest cvs 2.35 (direct link to .exe please!)

Very nice, although the aliasing seems to be very low, try smoothing it a bit more in The GIMP or something, or increase OSA.

Nice materials.

NIcely done, i like it blue.

vague question on the splash, but the splash is the first image that shows up when you start blender, or when you press [about] on the [help] button

yes, it would be great as a splash, but a little simple…

Less is more



i used 16 osa rowan and when i blurred it it made it slightly out of focus so i left it as it is.

oh a splash screen! you said splash contest so i thought competition not the blender splash screen! ya i’ll submit it where do i submit that again?


You’ve renamed it :D, I couldnt really understand what it had to do with a crocus, (perhaps you live in a city) but thistle is very apt, and you’ve got rid of the intersecting meshes, wd, lol :wink:

It is a very attractive work.

thanks! i renamed it cause i meant thistle when i named it but wrote crocus and since it doesn’t look like a crocus i changed it to thistle! but all in all you get the idea that it’s a an “ABSTRACTion”! :smiley: Ya, just to not get confused i removed the “intersecting illusion”!

:smiley: :smiley:

here is another…bart told me i didn’t have good composition so i tried agian (doubt it has better but it is Yafray and DOF!) Enjoy!

Thistle Extraction…Thistle Attraction…Thistle Distraction…You Pick!

Not good composition ? I disagree. The first one was MUCH better though - very pretty ! Don’t really like the last one, too blurry and washed out colours. Does have better smoothing though.

I agree that the first renders were better. The tack-sharp contrast was better.

The first images … yep, I might see a splash-screen there. :smiley:

thanks! i agree the first is better but the second is more complicated…although like you said the colors were off! %|

tell who ever in charge to use my image then! i don’t know who to contact about it so if you know let me know, you know!? :stuck_out_tongue: