Hello all, I have been using blender for around 5 years now, I always wanted to find way to make a photo real character in 3d or at the very least come close to making one, I have made some experiments on the past to this end, but this is the first time I thinking I could produce a character that looks good using all the experience I gathered through the years.

This design I actually being payed for a client that wanted me to develop his character, the character’s name
is Thock, he has allowed me to show the process of the creation of the model on forums so this is why I’m
creating this Thread.

This Model is not done yet as the design will include an double headed Axe and upper armor and a tattoo,
but I think the this parts I have done look rather good as they are right now.
I’m using Blender and Cycles to render him and the modeling is a mixture of Zbrush and Blender in Equal
parts tho the more I use the sculpting tools in blender the less I want to use Zbrush :slight_smile:

The skin shader I’m using is this one:

and for the non skin parts I’m making my own materials with the help of this video tutorials that
to be honest I think are the very best ones around to understand cycles and how to render something
in general:

Let me know what you guys think so far, I will keep trying to make the best I can for this project.
The next parts I will make are the leather parts of the upper armor, stay tuned and thanks for watching!


looks good, man. I like the stitching on the clothes and boots. good detail on the fingers too. face could maybe be a bit more wrinkly.

Very damn fine modeling and texturing! Particularly on the cloth elements. Maybe the chest and arms could use some more detail, they’re okay but it doesn’t seems to match the detail on the cloth, hands and face. His nipples seem a little bit “washed out” too. But thats just me being picky. Besides, if all that it’s getting covered by armor and whatnot later, might not make sense to improve it. Excellent work overall man.

The clothing has a spot on oiled leather look, very nice!