Thom Yorke Portrait/Breakdown

Straight from the work in progress section, I’ve presented this model for the finals of the 3D course in my city, hope you enjoy it.
Every critique and tips are welcome because can help to improve my future works.
Ps:The images in the post are from URL, I don’t know why I can’t upload a better quality renders from my pc :confused:

Behance project page:

Youtube Breakdown:

His eyes has this “fake eye” look. Like it’s plastered on there. I think it’s the color of his eyes and that it looks hand painted in photoshop. Also the SSS is too strong around the eyes.

The skin seems very pale. Need maybe a bit more fleshy character.

Other than that it’s very good. The hair, the beard and the
model itself looks great.

Something of weird in the reflection of the eyes and in the mat of the skin,but look good.typical Tom Yorke expression.

The hair and beard is phenomenal! So is the sculpt. The eyes and the skin shader aren’t quite perfect but hey! But we all know how impossible it is to create them perfectly and from such closeup. Ace work mate!

Awesome portrait.
I agree with marcoso, improving the shading of the eye would improve the overall quality of your work.
Do you have SSS on the sclera?

He’d look better with an octopus smack in the middle of his face with its tentacles wrapped around his head, such that you can’t really tell if it’s him or Jesus you’re lookin at, but you can damn sure tell that there’s an octopus there. Did you have to pick that guy? Thom Yorke is much too frequently idolized and I think he should give music a break and go work at a cafe somewhere.

Thank everyone for the comments and suggestions, yes the internal eye material is a SSS mixed with a glossy through a Layer weight fresnel node and a normal map, the external instead is a transparent with a glossy and fresnel, any suggestion for the eyes and skin material?