Thomas Cole's 'The Consummation of Empire' recreated in Low Poly!


You captured the composition, lighting, and enormous scale of the buildings from the painting very well in 3D.

The ships need something in them. People, objects, or structures. Low poly hints that something is there. The two ships farthest to the left are completely empty.

oh damn I completely forgot to put people in the background ships! Haha thanks for mentioning that and I agree. always something lol

Nice ! How much time did it took you to remove all of this ?

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Now this is a look I can get behind! It allways amazes me how far low poly objects can be used.

Great work!

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not sure what you mean by remove haha but if you meant how long it took it was about 70 hours total

thank you! Yeah I think if done right low poly can look super nice (even if it’s not technically “low poly” hehe)

ah sorry my brain derped between 2 actions I was doing x_x

Yeah, I meant how many time for rendering it ?

oh haha no problem. I’m not really sure I don’t think it was too long though. maybe like 40 minutes?

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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oh awesome thank you so much!

Phantastic work! Must be a great exercise in many aspects.

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thanks! Yeah I did learn a lot making it :slight_smile:

First of all congratulations!
It’s really nice.

I’ve a questiona about the lowpoly: how did you model them?

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All with hard surface modelling!

Interesting subject. Congrats on the result.

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I’m sorry… I’ve lost a word… :slight_smile:
The question should be: how did you model the lowpoly people?
I mean…did you model from scratch or do you use some decimate modifier applied on external assets or they’re exported from a “people” generator like makehuman?

EDIT: I’ve read again your reply… if you say “all hard surface modelling” probably it’s true both for people…am I right?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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oh very epic, thank you :smiley:

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The colors and lighting make feel like a painting, it looks great.

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thanks! It is based off the original painting by Thomas Cole so I tried to capture the same feel