Thomas, Second

This is a second attempt on the texturing on my original model of Thomas. It’s a character for my animated short, main character actually. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Updates will be made as daily as i can.

I like it. Very steampunk. Looks like a hammered metal normal map. A nice touch.

Love the textures and materials :smiley:

I like the main body material. just make sure his background is lighter in color, or he at least has a rim light to separate him from the background. I like his glowey yellow eyes. The other parts of his body that glow (red, blue, green, orange are too colorful. they take my eye away from the character. I do however really like the orange glows around his torso area. Very nice touch! I like them because they are subtle, and look nice. If you want his limbs to have glowey areas, maybe follow that same trend. Don’t have a lot. just put a little bit, and not so many colors. Read about color theory for traditional art, and see what kinds of colors work good together.

Really like the character this little guy has.
I’m not much of an expert, just my opinion: He isn’t seperated from background. Light on body are too strong and have clean square uniform color over them (“neon”). Hard to see but the torso seems to have too much going on textures / normal map. While the head has nice subtle hammered metal effect.