Thomas the tank engine

A rendering of Thomas the tank engine, from its wooden railway toy set.

Rendered with Blender Internal, with a messy node compositing and a bit of Gimp post pro. The stenciled decorations were made with Inkscape.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the end result, but I consider the project in this form completed. Anyway, c&c are, of course, welcome.

haha i like it. good work

Really cool to see Thomas being rendered, brings back nice memories =D. Ah, you should have taken an image from the TV show to use as a reference, 'cause he had those nice train buffers ;D … Very nice job, clean and smooth.

yeah I love train buffers too :slight_smile: I’ll try to model a full-scale train some day!

thanks for the comments

Man…I’ve stepped on that thing in my house enough that I know that it looks just like that! Good job.