Thompson M1928 a.k.a. Tommy Gun

Hi, this is my first post in Tommy Gun rendered in Blender Internal renderer. Was made using Blender 2.70.

The wood is a bit too bright/saturated/orange, other than that, WOW!!! I actually love this! Love the real gun too!

the wood is definitely too orange, and its a bit too clean. i think you should add a slight cloudy or musgrave texture to the metal and wood, but the modeling looks pretty good! like the rings around the tubie thing.

You could do a really sweet looking model by making the wood parts gold, silver, and rubber, and the main black metal a slick carbon/graphite feel. Only if you wanted to make a classic look sifi-ish.

Thank you. I’ll fix the wood.

Thank you. Yes, imperfection add realism.

That looks sexy. Why did you use Blender Render over Cycles render?