Thompson "Tommy Gun" WIP *Almost Finished*

A few hours of work put into this. The basic shape is there, but the small details are still left. I still need to do a lot to the upper part of the gun, the upper reciever, and add front and rear sights, make the drum mag and all the switches on the grip.

A reference

Nice start! But… what’s up with that flamethrower tip at the end of your barrel? I don’t see that on your reference. Is it a design choice? Since you have a 200 post count I would assume you’d use the edgesplit modifier later to smooth out the boxy parts of the gun as nothing in the world is that sharp. If not, hooray, you learned something! :smiley: Ciao!

You are correct about the end of my barrel not being in the pic, here it is in another though
Mine does look rather large though compared, ill have to scale that down.
and like you said, I will eventually smooth it out. Thanks for the imput :slight_smile:

Adjust the stock, its way to bulky below the receiver right now

A little more detail added

More progress

Finished the drum mag, added the bolt and the slot for it to move in aswell. I also fixed the ejection port above the magazine, it was too open before.

good work it is gonna look real good once you texture !!

Haha, thanks. Sadly thats my weak point.:o

I made the 30round stick magazine and the standard foregrip, giving it the military look.

Made the magazine release and the safe and fire selectors.
A few more details to add. Its probably about 95% done, modelling wise.

Put some textures on it. Any suggestions to make it look better?

sracpes, scratches, the wood seems seems really noisy might try, might try a different view to show off those awesome details, not sure what else looks awesome to me

Hand painted textures and no stock photos, beef up your spec map, add noise but not to heavy.

with a few scratches it should look awesome…great work

I tried my first UV map on the stock, i think it came out pretty good. I’m going to do all the wood on the Thompson this way, not sure about the metal parts yet.