Thonet no.14


this is my 5th finished project in Blender and the 3th one made with cycles.

Last week, in my real work (carpenter) i restored (or have restorated ???)
an original Thonet no. 14 chair.
I wanted to express the pleasure for my work in this project and this is the result.

Modeled and rendered in Blender 2.63 RC1, cycles 500 samples, postpro in Gimp.

I’m not so happy with the floor texture, but i think the rest went very well.
If someone has something to criticize, please feel free to comment below.


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Very clean and I like the lighting a lot. Simple is sometimes the best, imo.

I probably would have attempted suicide if I tried to model the seat.

nice one…not too much bump and normals…I like it…

It makes sense that you’re a carpenter; you model a damn fine chair.

Thank’s for your comments.
I’m glad that you like it.

Precision! Excellent!

I probably would have attempted suicide if I tried to model the seat.

Yeah, how did you modeled this?
I remember my first attempts in 3d… long long time ago. Trying to recreate my home (indeed lot of Thonet chairs here)

Nice model and render. May I ask for some wires? I’m especially curious about the “straw” seat (alpha plane? modeled?); it’s very effective, anyway.

nice and clean models, great lighting…I would improve the floor texture, maybe scale it down a bit…it’s very good how you kept the image simple, I would have filled all the scene with objects finishing with a big mess!

@JoHal: I was also lover of this chair (in high school time :slight_smile:
Than I become fan of this one

What about the seat question - modeled segment + array modifier?

Great work Johannes, congrats! A barely visible reflection map on the floor would help, maybe. Anyways, keep the good work.

Kind regards, ciao

Yes indeed,
modeled segment + 1 array modifier x + 1 array modifier y, applied and then the handwork.
Deleted the edges to match the round outer from the seat and with proportional editing on (connected) threated into the holes.

Here some wires:


wow amazing attention to detail! this is outstanding

Wow great detail! I first thought the detail image of the broken chair is a refrence photo :slight_smile:

Thank you indeed. I learned a useful technique. And appreciate the skillful modeling, too :slight_smile:

Wow, my first stars in this forum :smiley:

Thanks a lot folks.
I also figured out what’s wrong with my floor:
i put the bumb texture in the wrong colormix input, so it went too strong.