Thor Hammer

Hey guys I am making a series of Extremely easy beginner tutorials, and instead of using the good 'ole Blender ‘Ginger Bread man’, I would like to show beginners how to make a very basic but affective toonish hammer:). In this tutorial the very principles and basics of modelling and texturing will be covered with captured screen recording and voice over in BLENDER 2.5. The post Pro on the second image is done in the node editor (maybe included in add-on tutorial) with some lens flare in gimp. For all those out there who want to learn this is for you!


I love Gus! But I like the fact you are adding to the community. and the result is rather pleasing, especially for a beginner. I am planning my own epic noob tutorial on how to create a bunch of dynamite :slight_smile:

Haha hope that goes well! :slight_smile:
Yeh well I’ve been using blender for the past 5 years, and 3 years professionally. At the moment many of the beginners tutorials are in blender 2.49, and for someone that is new to the software it might be hard to make that connection between the old and the new interface. For this fact, I plan to make a bunch of 30-40 tutorials based solely around the Blender 2.5 interface and functionality for beginners, and then will move on to intermediate and advanced Blender tutorials after. When I’m finished I’m hoping to have a collection of noob to pro tutorials to help all people starting or educating themselves in Blender:)

Wow, 5 years. And professionally too! What is it like in the industry? I think it is really good that you are creating a solid platform for new users to start from. In fact I may need to look at some of those tutorial, 2.5 is a scary place!

Yeh it can be a bit daunting moving into the new interface, but when you get the hang of it you will understand how intuative and smooth the workflow becomes:). Of course the image above is extremely basic but when a person finishes this tutorial they will move onto modelling that is a lot more complex (Dragons, forest enviroments, etc.)