Thor The Dragon project

Welp here it is, and hello to all!(yes, if you ask, i am new)
Thor is a dragon i started earlier today, and just finished a few minutes ago, well aside from posing him several times, lol. I’ve spent alot of the time making his armature, but the model required several different reference pictures from my desktop to use. Thor is a water dragon, and he is the last of the rare dragon species I call the Liquidous Thunderclap!

If you’d like to know more about him, you may feel free to ask me all the questions! Im sure I have all the answers, lol. I am working on texturing him, myself. Not using paint, but in blender. Im a bit new at it, but thor is a good start for getting better! I’ll keep him low poly because I love low poly things ^w^

More will be coming soon!


Ah, man, I’m a sucker for good looking dragons.

This looks really good, especially for low poly! The one thing I notice is… You say it’s a water dragon, right? Does it live near the water or in the water?
If it’s near, then the design works great! If it lives in the water, I’d recommend making the wings less bat-like (like most dragons), and make them more…manta ray(?) in design, since that would better fit the environment.

Still, though. That last shot where it looks at the camera is really cool, and the horns/crest look really cool!

Solid job!

As far as Thor being a water type, He definitely enjoys swimming, yes, but no, he doesnt spend most of his time in the lakes and rivers. Because Of him being near extinct, It’s still hard to commit to a proper study of how, and where he’d live.

Thanks, too, Im very glad you like it! More will come soon!:smiley: