Thorn Crown

Any one have any idea on how to make a thorn crown that con hang around a cross?:smiley:

Here is a blend with a “completed” model (it took me five minutes so if you want to just use it that’s fine but you probably want something more refined) :

And the basic steps are the following :

  1. from the top view create a cylinder (I used one with 16 vertices ) then subdivide it (loop cut - Ctrl-R) a couple of times along the shaft - I deleted the faces capping the cylinder but you don’t have to do this

  2. select 2 faces and extrude (E -> Extrude -> Region) then hit S to scale then hit zero to extrude to a point then hit W -> Remove Doubles (this should remove five vertices from the point) - do this a couple of times per face loop where ever you think it looks good

  3. now tab into Object Mode and add a curve and an empty

  4. now add the Array modifier and a curve modifier and follow the settings in the blend - notive the Ob: field has the same curve object in it

  5. you will find the curve is too short to create a “crown” so select the curve and in top view and tab into Edit Mode for the curve and extrude away - notice that the curve is a 3D curve, not 2D - once you have the circumference you want just select the starting point and the end point on the curve and hit C to close the curve

  6. the empty is there to apply an object offset rotation along the array (though you could do some of that through the curve itself )

  7. once you are happy with the results go into Object Mode and from the 3D header -> Object -> Scripts -> Apply Deformation to get a copy of your result with the modifiers applied - you can add additional copies with the script of course -

  8. mirror and rotate the copy until it looks “good”

If my description of the initial modeling is confusing just turn off the modifiers for the"Cylinder" object and you will see what a simple object it is . You can of course improve on this by making the base mesh a lot more refined by adding more detail like curving thorns etc .

Hope this helps .

Here’s one I made awhile back. If I remember it was 3 circle meshes extruded along an axis, then proportinally twisted 1 turn (360 degrees) along the length, then warped (shift-W) into a circle until the ends just meet, and then remove doubles. The thorn spikes were just individual faces extruded and then the tips scaled to “0” to make the points. :slight_smile: Michael

Thanks a lot