Thornbie walks on 4 Legs

My Thornbie character walks on 4 Legs.
Vimeo Video good Quality:
Lowquality Youtube is here
a little better quality mpg you can download
(only 2.4 mb) avi is too big to upload
Please comment on this work.

Is this a character from a story? If so, I want to know the whole story. The animation looks good so far. However, it looks like you have some visible seams on your textures. Like on its Trunk.

Between your Ducks, Frogs, Monkeys, and this guy, you are starting to get one hell of a strange CG zoo going.

Thanks for comment. I will sattle the seem. I always want to create some funny chracter, with Blender to proove its capabilities. And almost all the characters already you can see in 3D. There is no stroy behind this character. Just doing some thing struggling with 3D Animation and showing my work to every one to get some Blender freelance work.
A few days ago I started this work