Thors Hammer, Mjoelner. A Necklace

This is an old file just rerendered with different materials and light in indigo 1.0.1 at 7200*5600. Whatya think? I just love caustics. Also thought to print it at work on canvas. Should I do it or not?

fix er up first.
for starters theres some obvious polygonization of the string. the caustics could be shown better, maybe by tilting the middle piece on its side.
compositionally its pretty boring, not much to look at.
with a bit of work, itd be a cool print.

good work, but put some more subsurf on…

Well. Now it is printed… 72*55cm is the print. Didn’t want to rerender it all since it took a weekend to get it as crisp as it is now… I was a bit nervous when it was in the print. And I could see more detail on it when it came out. My boss did like it and gave me a mission to create the logo for the firm in 3d with some glass lettering and stuff.

Sweet tobak30! I really like it!