Those damn triangles won't merge anymore [SOLV'D!]

There were 6 other triangles there that successfully merged when I selected them and pressed F, but it just won’t work with the last ones (selected). I’ve had this problem before too. Is it just being stubborn or am I doing something wrong?

I’m not sure why it won’t merge the triangles. You could delete the vertice that I have circled in this pic and then select your remaining vertices and make a face between them.



That would bring me back to what I did originally; make a face between three corner verticles, then subdividing the created face and merge them to make a face with 4 corners.

2 triangles are not subsurf-friendly.

quads in that shape aren’t really subsurf friendly either

They are. At least a whole lot more than triangles.

Also, I found a solution myself. I had to move one of the verticles slightly. Don’t ask me why…

the reason why is because blender doesn’t want to create a concave quad by merging to triangles

concave quads or triangular quads however are a bad idea, particularly with subsurf because they are distorted lots from their original shape. Because of this it’s nearly impossible to uvmap without artifacts