Those days

Hi all,

Blender+Cycles - 500k polys - Tiled rendering (tomato branch) - 14mins at 1920x1000

No Photoshop/Gimp, i wanted to do everything inside Blender.


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This is really nice and very photorealistic! I especially like the simulated dirt on the lens.

looks great marcoG_ita … but the only thing that breaks the photo-realistic look is that piece of cloth on the sofa needs some more details to look hairy and not clean as it looks now … and I agree with BlEnDeR fan your texture is great and composition looks great too

Really nice work, shaders and lighting are superb.

Many thanks guys,

@Blender fan, glad you like it, i loved your staircase too. Keep the good job!

@muhamed - Thanks for comment. That’s supposed to be clean because of the image storytelling, it’s probably the wife’s blanket and that’s the only thing the man has from her. The lack of fur is because it’s silk (and because of Cycles no fur). Anyways, folds could be improved of course.

@rozmiarek - Thanks mate, glad to hear you. Didn’t you submitted any to BG competition?

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Wow, excellent work!

I love the feel of this render. The textures on the sofa are fantastic. The lens dirt might be a little over done.

If you wanted to make it look like a dusty developed photo then ok.

But dirt on the lens almost never shows up. This article explains how hard you have to try to make it affect the photo.

And both dust on the sensor/film and dust on the negative while developing turn up as black (because it blocks light).

@GodOfBigThings - It depends of the type of photo vs lighting. Your link shows a clear sunny day, not really the “best” scene to catch up dust, and in this room i’m simulating dust floating around, which is lit by camera flash, not just lens dust. The room is completely black and when you use the flash towards a black scenario you might catch up dust easily and as you see you can look at it just in the black corners.


Anyways, this is not intended as a phisically accurate replica of a real life photo so, i’m not telling this is perfect :slight_smile:



Technically it’s really good but aestethically it’s quite awful. I guess aestethics wasn’t your primary goal though so nice work in that regard.

marcoG-ita - nope, I have never taken part in any BG contest. But I keep my fingers crossed for your artwork!

I think this is pretty solid! I know everyone thinks “green woods” is the favorite to win the contest, but I think this is at least a credible entry, even next to that one… and the lighting is very photo-like, so there’s that. I don’t think every single texture in this image is perfect, but the overall impression works, which is what counts.

@Ben_Lind - Thanks. Yes, “aesthetic awfulness” is part of the story of the image and is intentional.

@Rozmiarek - You should enter a comp sometimes! I know you can do great renders. Cheers

@Kemmler - Thanks, I think there are pleasanter images with more chances to win. I would have liked to do more with my submission but the last week i’ve been really busy and i couldn’t push furhter than that. Dust on the bottles, something hanged on the wall, a dirt pass on the sofa, books around on the floor, better wall lamp model…you know…anyways, thanks for kind words!

Btw, which textures do you think could be improved? Fresh eyes are always welcome.

If i’ll get time i’ll update it for sure.


Simply magnifique’.

Thank you for another nice shot,
my recommendation:
As a photograph I think the depth of field of your shot is narrowed than usual, so I think the texture on the wall must be more sharper at the border of your shot. It completely depends on the lens you use, Wide-angle or Telephoto and the distance of your main object and the background.