Those for you who smoke..

…and have an Apple computer:

You have been warned

Sorry, but LOL

This is insanity.

Tobacco smoke is very bad for computers, it can actually ruin a hard drive. I used to repair computers and most of the computers with hardware problems had been contaminated with second hand smoke. The dust and tar from the cigarettes coats everything with a horrible smelling stickyness that is nearly impossible to clean. So this is not as insane as you think.

Here’s some photos of gross computer internals:

tobacco smoke is bad for computers? who knew? what about cannab…er nevermind:evilgrin:

I always thought that hard drives were hermetically sealed, but I guess they need some micro openings to manage things like pressure and cooling.

It also clogs up the cooling fans, leading to the CPU overheating.

Here’s some more photos of computers with tar buildup. I almost threw up when I saw the moldy power supply. Yuck.

Now imagine what it does to the insides of people who smoke, directly taking in the smoke. The computer is more of a passive smoker, so it doesnt get nearly as much.

Mechanical parts look disgusting enough, hard to think about organic parts.

I agree with the apple technicians on this one. I’ve had to work on cigarette smoke encrusted computers before, it’s not pleasant!

Don’t …

… smoke.

Quit …

… now.

And I don’t give a flyin’ :ba: if you think it’s “hard.”

I started to briefly relate how my heart was broken three times by smokers, whom I loved but could not save. But I can’t bring myself to it. Not even now.

Yeah. That horrible.

The contract says nothing about this, there were household items as talcum powder and isopropyl alcohol. There’s nothing said on the contract that if you smoke the warranty will be voided…if they say so! they can also add on the list dusts that gets sucked on the fans intakes.

Though the warranty does have a clause for use in hazardous environments. I think that’s the one they’re invoking.

With todays pollution, just stepping outside could be called getting into a hazardous environment. It’s a non-argument imo. It’s just silly.

@ Social : I always thought that hard drives were hermetically sealed, but I guess they need some micro openings to manage things like pressure and cooling.

It is true for the data disk itself, that is generally in a scealed enclosure under Nitrogen low pressure, but the electronic components are often visible on the card under the disk, and the connexions on the circuit board can be short circuited by dust, moisture and smoke.

I agree full-on with this, unfortunately for my area it may not be easy as now we have smoke shops opening up where people can smoke anything tobacco related from cigerettes to cigars as long as they’re inside which makes be concerned it could cause smoking rates to rise in Wichita. The city will soon have 4 of those places which people can be free to make their lungs black and ruin their heart, one apparently being only about a mile from my house. One driving force is people looking to indulge themselves during the recession.