Those images needed to be erased, sorry...

Those images needed to be erased, sorry…

hi, thats quite good & funny also,
could you explain your workflow?
do you draw the outlines by hand the have them colored.
what software is used to draw or is it all by hand then scanned for cropping.

A good start - but where’s page 4???

I really like the backgrounds


Pages are 1, Pages 2-3 together, Page 4 (here it is)

My workflow:

I use pencil and paper!

  1. Thumbnail drawing with page breakdown
  2. Separate sketches for the individual panels to make best solution (poses, interaction etc)
  3. Piece of hard paper, ruler, pencils and eraser
  4. Scan
  5. Cleanup of pencil smudges… that’s it!

I think that Paul uses photoshop for coloring.

Pages 5 - 7 soon!

Awesome work - look forward to more!

Thanks! Since I am having trouble with uploading the rest of the images at the moment, for the pages 5 - 7, please visit my blog page

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