Those on Windows and want more game power

If you can script in the game engine then this is no sweet, its blender without the logic bricks! Its also well documented. I really mean it too many of the varibles are simular, even easier to set the background color

All thats needed is a blender to egg exporter (static and actor)

That would be cool.

Someone could write an exporter to .egg file format for Blender.

I actraly plan to write the convert since the .egg format is just basic text and looks like vrml is come ways…

Panda’s forum is screwed at the mo. Anyone know if it works on 98 and what the correct path settings are? Definately interesting though I not sure about the 30meg for Panda and then ANOTHER 20meg for the example game :stuck_out_tongue:

ure using windows 98? :-?

well so far I am able to export static meshes with no textures to .egg format hehe!

98? Yeah, why not :smiley: You don’t really expect me to be using XP do you? :stuck_out_tongue: Five boxes around me, one with 98. I’ll let you guess what the others are running :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, since XP is about 500000 times better than any other OS, i can kinda see why people would think you had it…

Oh come on, I’m not getting into a “OS blah is better than OS blah” discussion. Stick with your XP if you want, I’m cool with that, but you’re flogging a dead horse if you think you can convince me to up(strike)downgrade to XP when the alternative is Linux. There again, if you pay me to use XP… :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, off-topic anyway, my question was about Panda.

When u finished the exporter, send me a note, plz.

[email protected]


oh come on pooba :confused: who says :wink: ok ok dont continue on this subject about OS wars! the mods will yell at us :confused: anyway very cool sutabi :slight_smile: im about to check out some demos and see what it can do :slight_smile:

So far I have exported mesh and armature data (no animation yet), but still having troble with the texture (uv coords are not the same in Panda3D and still figuring it out…)

What advantages does Panda3D have over game blender exactly?

I don’t think I’ll download that, because:

(1.) I can’t script

(2.) I have DSL, but it is only 256k with a download speed average of
26kb/s, so it would take a while.

(3.) I want to use Blender!

20megs is a lot for a game engine when you consider the blender 2.25 was only a 2 meg download.

That’s great Sutabi, I’ll be sure to check it out. Blender’s great for most things, but it’s always nice to have options.

Thats a pretty poor excuse, I have a 56K modem which on a good day downloads at 3kb/s. Even so it only takes about 3 or 4 hours to get a 30MB file, I just let it download while I go watch TV or something.

Hey, I know I’m bringing up an old thread but I found a recent post in the Panda3D forum grom a guy who says he’s got static mesh and UV export from blender to .egg. Sutabi said he’s got the mesh, bones and animation but no texutes. Thought it might be useful, here’s the link


Any progress? Whats the Programming like on here?

Hello, is there any progress at all?! is there somthing i can convert to from blender.then convert that to panda

Very interested in this. Sutabi, how do you do so much? Thanks.