Those tricky curves

I was trying to model a simple cup/bin made of wire mesh.

I modeled a small fragment using curves and duplicated it many times using two array modifiers.

Standard stuff. But I stumbled upon problems when it came to bending it into shape using curve modifier on the whole thing. After testing many possible options the closest I’m getting is this:

Two sides are fine but everything perpendicular to y axis is flattened.
Any ideas to tackle this? My brain is melting after all that trying I did :scream: halp

There’s a blend file
meshed_cup_forum.blend (484.7 KB)

I didn’t manage to do it, but one tip from me: setting scale for curves always leads to problems. xP
I did it! :blush:

Now give me a second to guess what was the fix

Okay, two things:
First one - move your original curve so it starts the same place when it has origin:

Then add new curve rectangle:

Those are settings I used:

Last step: switcheroo!


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Wooaaah! That worked like a charm! Thank you very much! :star_struck: