Those were the days - Eggy's Escape, late-release short film

Finally! i have gotten a ftp with enough space to put this film up on the web hehe

A quick explaination: This is a veeery old film (2002 was it? say on credits anywho =P) i did back for a design course, filming took 2 hours in an afternoon with the use of my house, my dog sammy (a true star!) and me opening a fridge. Then 2 days to take the footage of around 15 minutes of different takes and angles, and put it into the final film with the little character eggy. Eggy was made in an amazingly short time, a nice simple character, and then the rest to animate him in the film. It’s been so long its like an old memory now, this was really my first short film in blender fully completed and not for study purposes (directly).

I had 2 others in my team who helped out an amazingly great deal with the concept and helping me get the video on the analogue videocamera onto the computer. Also Goofster will no doubt get jobs after this one, his amazing voice acting skills of a midget egg shocked the design lecturers =D

And here it is =)

That’s about the greatest short film I’ve seen done in blender… I’ve seen two. Hehe :slight_smile:

Very nice movie great animations!

That is genius! I especially love his eyebrows, getting higher and higher!
You should make a new one, where another egg actually manages the daring escape. So sad… :frowning:

On a fairly random note, what was the song used during the credits? I’ve heard it before, but I can’t remember.

Nice stuff :slight_smile:
You used Tribes 2 sounds! :stuck_out_tongue:

Two thumbs up. :slight_smile:
That’s good work.

glad you guys enjoyed it!

hahah Falgor yeah i had the sounds from playing the game and they worked well for sound effects =D

xarton: haha good idea, might put that in the idea bank if i manage to get the chance to do another live action CG mixer film. btw the song is Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches =)

wohoo! very nice… I even liked the filter effects too.


HAHA! Great stuff.

Love the old parented lamps to the dome lighting too dude. I miss using that.

Plus, you are truyl a bastard. Using this app less time than me and pulling this stuff off. I hate you. You suck. :stuck_out_tongue:


heheh glad you finally got to see it basse, much easier to show it then when i was trying to explain it to you =P

BgDM: ahh yeah that old GI was great stuff, might even still have uses these days ponders

LohnC, I enjoyed your movie very much. I love the way you brought this simple egg to life. You done such a great job that I find myself having empathy for this poor adorable egg. 10 out of 10.

There is one thing that you didn’t explain, is how you got the camera so steady and without any shakes. Did you use a tripod or fancy software? Otherwise it would be impossible to intergrate the Egg character on to the film, simply because the camera shakes would give it away.

really glad you enjoyed it ozo =D

to answer your question it has to do with 2 things, the first thing I needed was for the real-life camera to be as smooth as possible, then whatever small adjustments in movment there was had to be duplicated in the cg world camera.

We tried a few things with no luck, all we had was a video camera, no equipment, hadnt really done anything like this before, it was a design class after all ;). Finally I had the idea of getting a tea towel (wash cloth for the americans) and put the camera on the kitchen floor (it wasnt carpet, forget the name of what it is, but nice and smoooth, kinda). From there just got paul from our team who seemed to have the most steady arm while walking backwards really fast bent right over recording.

So phew then we had that shot in real life and shot the rest. When I got it into the 3D view it was quite a lot more shaky then one would see until they need to match something to it =P was the best we coudl do though, so i then just went frame by frame kinda guessing how the camera was panning depending on the background elements in real life and rotoscoped the 3D camera, didnt come out anywhere near perfect but i think it did ok hehe.

Hope that explained it well enough, can always ask anything else if your curious =)



Wow! LohnC thats a simple, but ingenious solution to an almost impossible problem. Who would of thought you can get such great results with such simple equipment.

Until you told me that, I figured you must of used software, because in my mind to do something like that without software would be impossible. Truly, if someone said me they were trying to do a movie like that without software or even a tripod, I would of said it just can’t be done.

It’s obvious LohnC, you’re a very gifted animator. You should enter your film in a short film competition. Who knows you might win!

I reckon you should do a follow up film, something like Egg’s Great Escape 2.