Those who have digital video cameras....

(Nayman) #1


i am looking for a favor from someone…

could someone go outside, onto thier front lawn, and film the street.

Imagine there is a fighter size spaceship there. film it for a few seconds, and then tilt the camera up as if it is taking off…

It really isnt too much work, and the more stable shot is, the better. If someone could do that for me, and send it to me as an Avi encoded with divx, or as an mpeg, as long as it is high res, i would be most greatful, and plus, you could see your own street in a little cg sepcial effects clip…

(miffwhite) #2

Well I do have a digital video camera but it is getting fixed- but I’d been keen to help you out in the future if you need it!

But any way how have you been syncing up 3d with live footage?

I attempted doing this a while ago- I modelled ‘Sleep’ a figure from a Salvalor Dali painting and put in on the beach. The camera was based on a tripod and the only motion was a simple pan. I parented all the lights to the figure and then hand tracked the figure to the scene using two people in the distance as reference. So I didn’t move the 3d camera at all. It looks alright but the technique is pretty limited. I rendered the tgas-(alpha) brought them into Premiere- joined em up and then I went into the motion editor to shake and zoom the footage around- so that it looked hand held. + I just had to put a lens flare in! If you are interested I’ll send it to you.


(Nayman) #3

sure dude!

send her to [email protected] if you can.

i would love some footage if you could when its back ,and i also extend this greeting to anyone else out there

(miffwhite) #4

Yeah I have been thinking about starting up a small website which is just blender and live footage! Tutorials, tips, techniques! +++ examples! there isn’t much of that around – I think it would promote the visual effects aspects of blender! There is that dude who is comming out with that 3d camera tracking software which will be awesome as-- I think that we will see a lot more mixed live and cg soon! weeeeelll I hope!

mmmm-- expect it sometime next week!-- don’t get to excited it ain’t that great!


(Nayman) #5

did you ever see my comet footage?

(miffwhite) #6

nope – heard of it-- scuba + sea – tracked with an empty on the scuba tap or something!

– I think that this would really help heaps of people! So Im going to start–

well wish me luck!


(sten) #7

I would also love to try out live video footage and character animation all together, to bad I doesn’t own a video (or DV) camera…though my father has a old videocamera…maybe that will work, just wondering how to convert all those things and what hardware it require…to bad I didn’t choose video-in in my latest videocard because such cards are much more expensive than without one…


(miffwhite) #8

Well when I get my camera back I could shoot some video of what you want, if you want. Just to learn from, practise or whatever.

There is so much cool stuff that I wanna do – but I can never seem to stick to it! — – -

Must focus! get some tutorials done etc!-

So busy with school - but want to create a short film and maybe this website!— – -


(sten) #9

hehe, it is like me…starting with a new 3D scene ones and a while and never seems to finishing it, maybe to many ideas or I donät know :wink: