Thought this might be cool reading for some of you :slight_smile:

I really do dislike thread topics like this, which say absolutely nothing about what is in the thread. They’re stupid.

I see in the article, that an educator and person in the biz includes Blender in his list of 3D authoring tools., graphicall, and blendernation seem to be growing more and more interesting everyday.

For now, this is still my favorite site, but I don’t know for how long, when I read needless crap like yours, Falgor.

Maybe blenderartists is becoming the “up-tight, eggshell, don’t say hi to me because I am preeminent” community. That would suck… Like your comment.

EDIT: Unless you are referring to oogsnoepje’s post, then I say, sorry.

all forums have posts like this one. cool article though

If he was, I might need to say I was intentionally replying in the same style as the starter of this topic, more or less out of protest against the same issue (which is, posting a topic with a link only).

Also, I seem to recall reading this news five times before already, but I can’t find the topics anymore. Perhaps I was just dreaming :slight_smile:

i think falgor was complaining about the thread topic “thought this might be cool reading for some of you”, which, to be fair, doesn’t tell you anything about the content.

i still think it was lame that he said it was “stupid”. The topic was “Thought this might be cool reading for some of you” then provided a link to a site that was actually pretty cool to read. Then, Dr. EggShells calls him “stupid” for it. Look at his post count, I would guess they are rather new here…What a welcome, eh?

I’m saying, the vibe here is changing, and not really for the better. I see more uptight, self-righteous, condescending people here(I can post links to many posts here, if you’d like, illustrating my point. Though, not even necessary), and it sometimes make me cringe to think about posting art, or an article, or most anything, because there will more than likely, be some Dr. EggShells with some comment that would earn them slap it it were ever said in my presence.

But, hey, there’s never a shortage on butt-kissing the “sewing circle”. I am not the buttkissing type, someone shows their butt, I might kick it around a little. so, excuse me for being a little ticked off, as I am sure Falgor is a great person, just probably having a bad day.

I think this kid’s post was ok, but I could be wrong, I am no forum expert, I just enjoyed the article, I could care less about nit picking his topic title, I am not that anal.

Dukytyme: On the flipside, I think we’ve gotten spambot posts on the forums with roughly the same method of titling, before. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s enough to agitate anyone. Bear in mind I’m not agreeing with falgor’s wording yet, I’m just volunteering another opinion.

Yeah, then I could understand Falgor’s fanged remark a bit, though harsh, I can see it a little differently now, thanks, BlackBoe.

Spam sucks.

I guess it makes you one of them. :rolleyes:

hint: read the thread topic :slight_smile:

The most interesting thing i read was that this guy considered Blenders UV tools to be excellent, matched only by Cinema 4d and that Blender is better for language than all the others.

Oh yeah, and Blender’s value for money was best, but we all know this anyway.

This is a cool article, I think it is similar to the one mentioned on a recent blendernation announcement. It shows how blender stands with some of the “industry giants” in 3DCG software. From what I’ve seen in this article, Blender is a force to be reckoned with.

Like I said, I am no forum expert, the title seemed relevant to me…maybe because I am dyslexic. Or, because I don’t think that the new kid needs his nads stepped on because he was unaware of the eggshells he was walking on. Dunno, you say “tomato” , I say “choke yourself”. A matter of perception, I guess.

This guy joined in April this year, he’s/she’s had a while to figure out how to post on this forum, and what people are most interested in. That said, i do have a thread called “Old thread, plaese lock” so i am definately not the best person to say this.

Thats my way of saying i’m being a hypocrit right about now.


I still can’t believe how this title is jarring loose the “circle” of anal-retainers…A title, for crying out loud.

Crap, I may never post another thread, from fear of typing the “wrong title”. Climb off of it, dude, Falgor could have made a better point in less keystrokes, but rather, showed his baboon rings instead. IMO. What? Now that thread gets locked because I fail to bow my opinion to a more butt-kissier one? like, say…Your’s? Please.

Nice article, actually…And yes, it is a pretty cool read, even if the title is “wrong”, and that Media-Slave should have “Known better” than walk on your eggshells.

Hows that for a reverse-buttsmooch ?

To much smugin the air.


I better turn over my keys now

thanks for the data
blender is definately one of the best software packages ever…
some of the best responses from users added as feedback into future edition
is good too.

$5000 or even $2500 and the learning curve
and expensive training for those other packages

thats a 5000 to one cost advantage with blender
and you can write python scripts
not a corporate “owned” propietary language like maxscript

ding dong the overpriced witch is dead!!!

Very interesting comparison.


I am actually surprised that Blender isn’t even more popular than it is. Seeing that it has so much under the hood. I blink my eye and there are new features.

Eventually, someone from blenderartists are going to be on the “big screen” with a Blender project… My spidey sense is telling me(I was bit by an ugly spider a month ago:eek:).

It’s exciting for me, to be a witness to the talent in this community. I may never be half as good as most of you, but I feel blessed to be here, honestly. So inspiring, I have written 7 new songs recently, just after peeking at some of the artwork here and trying the new version and graphicall builds.