Thought you'd get a kick out of this

Some of you may or may not have seen this before.

Found this video on YouTube. Monkey vs. The Robots:
1:48 minutes

Absolutely perfect example of a well done 3d short. Shows how character animation can be everything when it comes to holding the audiences attention.

Use this thread to post more awesome 3d shorts and clips others may not have seen :slight_smile:

LOL great, thanks for posting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great post! Looking for a downloadable version, no luck yet, but found widescreen DivX stream.

Still not sure who to barrack for, normally I’d have to cheer on the monkeys, but they’ve made the robots cooler…

EDIT: Found the homepage. Fair amount of stuff, plus this great short in HD!

That was really great little short! I especially like those little robots :slight_smile:

Here is one quite entertaining animation too… It’s composited over a real video footage but I think that is done really well.

Here’s a short that was posted on CGTalk some time ago that I really liked.

Actually, I’ve got them from here:

That surely is a great school :wink:

Excellent character design.
Those robots are nothing more but some boxes with feet, yet they’re so convincing.
The monkey was outstanding.
Disney quality.