Just a thought what i noticed about Blender software that may make things a bit easier for some as i found it for myself. If You are working with Armatures and rigging some moves and if You find that FPS often gets quite low or sluggish playback after pressing ALT+A and if You have 2 sections open for 3D view and Dopesheet as it sort of should be try switching Dopesheet to Logiceditor. As soon as i switch, playback just turns smooth and You can view and observe Your rig without any slowdowns. Maybe my lappy has issues but oh well…

Nice, but the dopesheet is exactly what I use for animating armature… may I suggest…

  1. Press ctrl curser up (ctrl space in 2.8) to fullscreen your current panal (press again to un-fullscreen)
  2. Use simplify at the bottom of scene properties to disable subserf in the viewport
  3. Set No Sync on the timeline to Frame Dropping or AV Sync

Ty 4 advice. Same here, with just timeline i don’t think you can switch, scale or drag loc rot scales as far as i know. I am also using dopesheet but sometimes as i mentioned above, it happens and i just found a tweak for it and decided to share with it. And to be honest it really annoys me… but hey… I’ll look into it. But the thing is i am not using subsurf at all… and if i do then it is for getting the mesh and ALT+C the subsurf or other mods… i don’t think it is there for leaving it on in the project but oh well i guess it depends of what people are aiming to achieve…I think that if the mesh is made well without unnecesary verts and just made smooth it is good enough instead of hanging loads of stuff on it in order to make things just slow unnecessarily, but that’s just my point of view and there is a tonne that You can achieve by playing with materials tab by adding a texture, passing the color and adding geometry which makes things totally amazing. I am stuck on 2.79 and i am not planning really of getting a newer version.