Thoughts about Death Note

It is a really cool show, watch it!

Here’s a quick summery.

A young adult, by the name of Light is very smart, top student in japan. One day, randomly, a note book falls from the sky. It so happens that he is the one to pick it up. The notebook says that whoever’s name you right inside of it dies, but you need to know the face also. So, when righting the name, you need to imagine the face, so people sharing the same name don’t die. You can ethier specify how you want the person to die, but if you don’t, they will die within 40 seconds from a heart attack by defult. You can also say when the person would die.

Light thinks that the world is rotten and criminals deserve to die. He wants to change the world. When he gets the notebook, and assures himself it’s real by writing the name of criminals a few times, he starts killing every criminal in the world who was commented a seriuse crime. This of course goes to his head, and he thinks of himself as the god of the new world, in which criminals don’t exsist.

Undoubtedly, the police get furious with this and plan to find this killer, which they start calling him by Kira. (Kira sounds like Killer in english, this show is Japanese). The police don’t have any idea who the murderer might be, and when many criminals die, they have to bring in the ‘Super Detective’. He is known as ‘L’, that’s his code name.

By tricking Kira with the media, they get many clues and find out many things about him. Like he hates to lose, and he kill anyone that opposes him or known too much. They figure out that Kira is in Japan, by making a broadcast that is said to be global, but was only in Japan. They have a condemed person as a reporter saying shit about Kira, and Kira kills him. They figure out he’s in Japan this way. They figure out he’s a student by looking at the times the kills have happened, 4pm - 10pm. They figure out he needs a face and name to kill a person, by having L speak to him through a microphone.

As I said Light isn’t a very stupid person, his dad works in the Kira investigation, he’s the chief, and Light has access to privite police information, so he knows what the police is thinking and plans out many things that may happen and how to avoid them. He soon later, actually joins the police force, and has even more access, and knows exactly what L is thinking and what he is planning to do.

L is also smart, and he suspects Light for many reasons which are explained in the show.

THis show is seriusly skilled, and it’s like a modern Sherlock Holmes anime seris. They make all the episodes epic, and very reasonable to follow along.

Both Light and L are smart people, and it’s a battle between them 2 mostly. They don’t know each others real identity. Light doesn’t know who L’s real name is, and L doesn’t know that Light is Kira, although he does suspect him.

This is a great anime seris and I highly recommend it. Escapicially since there are not much episodes, 37 to be exact, with an ending. This show is really cool. I really sugest you watch at least the first episode, and I think you’ll probabily like it :smiley:

It’s an awesome show :smiley:

I certainly like the premise of the story. It’s not a new story, but a well-done visual treatment of an exciting plot is always fun. Thanks for the recommend.

Japanise anime?

No thank you!

It was one of the best/better anime I’ve watched. They’ve adapted it for the cinema.
Only watched the 2nd part though. The anime was better.

They look emo, I don’t think I’d watch that at all.

Well Zanos, it’s not like the other animes like, Naruto, Bleach, Gundom Seed, ect. This anime doesn’t use brute force to defeat evil. It uses sleuthing skills, and evidence so that they can trap the suspect with proof, and he is finally claimed to be guilty. It’s like CSI, it’s a lot like CSI. Except CSI is many cases, this is a huge and nearly impossible case to solve.

Who can be killing hundreds of people without being at their location, and only knowing the name and face to kill the person? Where is this person? How is he doing it? How is it possible to kill people without being at the scene of crime and leaving no trace of evidence?

How can you solve a case like that? It’s really interesting how these people actually find the killer/kira. It’s not like these people are super ultra humans, that are super smart and can solve anothing. No, they have logical and reasonable answers to all the questions they are asked. if they don’t know the answer they find out.

That’s what I like about the show :wink:

JackBlack: Lol, I guess that’s a reasonable opnion not to watch the show XD

Saw Death Note a long long time ago. It’s really superb and an incredible showcase of what anime stories are, and what US films should be.

Amongst the many, many Japanese animes out there, this is the epitome. Also if you like Death Note, you might want to check out Code Geass, it’s a bit different but with the same stretegy/logic thing to it. Or if you want something funny for a change check out Nagasarate Airantou, quite funny has some lame episodes but overall it’s great.

Merry X-mas

I bought the manga some months ago… and would recommend it to everyone looking for a great story! It features an interesting premise, complex characters and most important: It makes you think.

Well, that might sound a bit strange, but the main reason because I loved this series was because it’s based around a deep issue: What can be defined as “good” and “evil”? Are these absolute concepts, or the end will always justify the means? Who should I cheer for, the well-intentioned extremist or the cynic detective? Do they really believe in their definitions for justice, or is that only a way to justify their actions? Not to spoil the ending, but I like the way in which, at the end, all these questions remain unsolved. I’d be angry if the author had chosen to give the absolute victory to a certain side or character.

By the way, I made an essay about that series for my Ethics and Philosophy course, and it was praised by the professors. No kidding.


If you put a real persons name on a “Death note” you can go to jail for terroristic threatening.
looks like a neat cartoon. I dont care much for animae or Henti . I respect the animators though

I watched a few episodes of Death Note on TV and i was pretty impresed. Also, i would like to recommend HellGirl, it’s another great Japanese anime. I realy liked it, it’s very unique and different, and sad too.

One of the few really great anime shows around.

It’s a notch above the rest, in story, characters, the questions raised; everything just fits together.

For those of you who want to hear a relatively short summary, National Public Radio actually reviewed this masterpiece:

If you’re into the more serious branches of anime, I also recommend Planetes. It’s a wonderful show, with very relevant, not to mention realistic circumstances.

There’s more to anime than all the cliche “super flying robot piloted by a 13 year old emotionally unstable boy on a mission to save the universe through the power of his own love” kind of thing.


i also loved this show. most episodes were clever and unpredictable… but what i thought was weird was the way Ryuzaki died. He is supposed to be the super clever detective that solves unsolvable mysteries… And he was so suspicious of Light that he handcuffed himself to him, but then he allowed him to take the notebook on the chopper and didn’t suspect anything when the previous owner died…

he was extremely smart on all the episodes, but the actions he did before he died are very stupid and not things Ryuzaki would do…

but it was a good show, i enjoyed it.

Somehow I recognize the left guy. :confused: Ah… I remember: it’s Paragon’s avatar. Now you have at least one person to talk about the show. :smiley:
About anime: you love it or you hate it. I can appreciate good anime, but a full episode is already too much for me.

That’s because most emo’s are also japan addicts (not vice versa :p)

I’ll second that. Planetes is great.


Now come on, everybody knows that this kind of shit only happens in Japan!


I liked the first episodes of Death Note, but at some face I had too much of ice-cream, so I never finished. (For those who don’t know the series: L had a some very strange habbits, sitting strange, eating ice-cream all the time,… He got me feel sick.).

Same for me. It’s a proof that sci-fi anime doesn’t have to involve aliens or giant robots to be interesting.

Sounds great! I may research this up at some stage. Thanks for the heads up!