Thoughts on CPUs

Hey all,

I’m thinking about building a rig for modeling/sculpting/animation/etc. I also do some gaming, nothing to crazy (Think TF2). I have been thinking either Intel’s i7-7700k or an Intel Xeon at around the same price (I haven’t chosen the model yet). With the Xeon I can get more cores and threads, but it doesn’t have great clock speed. There is also the Ryzen 7 700, which has more cores and threads then the i7, but the i7 beats the Ryzen with single core speed.

In the past I have always gone with a CPU form the Intel Core series. Now I’ve been doing a lot less gaming and a lot more work with 3D software, and am wondering if something like a Ryzen would give better Rendering without sacrificing my gaming.

Sorry for blabbing on and on.

Thanks for your time!

If this is not to be used primarily for rendering with Cycles, I would prefer single thread performance.

It looks like I’ll be shopping for an Intel then.