Thoughts on Patreon?

Hey what’s your guys opinions on Patreon for people like us making games? To me it seems like a much more reasonable pay style than a project based crowd funder like kickstarter or go fund me etc. Games costs always seem to be much higher than the authors predictions so wouldn’t a subscription method make more sense? This way more time = more money. So if your audience is patient you can work till it’s done instead of getting 20K and then realizing you needed 30K to really finish the project?

Also if you are into the monthly subscription style then what are some good ideas for rewards? Obviously physical media is a nightmare and just eats into your income.

I think that as long as you can keep making games and give your patrons some sort of benefit to being your patron then its a good idea. If people are willing to fund you, then why not let them.

As for rewards, I think that if you make enough money from your patrons then even giving your games away to them for free would be a good idea. If not then some sort of discount, plus maybe a monthly game give away. Just something that makes your patrons feel like there special, like there part of an exclusive group.

I made a patron page, I plan on giving out tutorials, digital prints, music videos and games, that are exclusive to the patrons,

the games will beta, so they get early access, and I get feedback,

I thinks its best to demonstrate that you have your wheels spinning in a few mediums,
so you are growing as a artist.

I think our best chance as artists is to band together, with people with similar goals,
and make a name, then expect help.