Thoughts on the Blender Gamekit

(guru202) #1

I went to today and saw that there is now a book on sale
called the Blender Gamekit. The book features many advanced demos by the NaN team and tutorials by them too. The included CDROM also has editable game tutorials on it by the NaN team.

Is it worth it? I have been hearing about many limitations in the current Blender Engine and have come the conclusion that its a risky situation. Especially since the Blender Engine will be different in the future. I come to you all for advice. Especially those of you who are do scripting and python. I know that the engine has many merits but, it has its share of limitations(external python modules, etc.) I don’t want to invest in old gear that will be replaced with better gear.

Basically should I get the book or no? Help me out please

This is a hard decission. :x

(dreamsgate) #2

I’m getting it, even if things change, they won’t change all at once and often the older books still apply. Currently I have all the books except Tutorial Guide #2. I use them all the time.

Hehe I bought the 1.8 manual long after I had bought the 2.0 manual. It still has alot of good info.

(OTO) #3

Hello guru202
Here’s my opinion!
Take this “bought” as a Blender Org contribution!!
The kit looks quite nice, so, why not!!
If you have no money problems, go ahead!!

(inka) #4

I just ordered. :smiley: And I think it surely will be useful, and even if not (can’t believe), as Antonio said, it’s always a donation.


(saluk) #5

It looks very nice, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those awesome looking demos! Unfortunately I do have money problems, so right now it is a bit of a no no for me, but I’ll certainly order it when I can.

(gorgan_almi) #6

Same here! :frowning:

Especially since the Blender Engine will be different in the future.

Speaking of which, what do u guys (and girls??) think of the Next Gen Blender Project?

Personally, I think its totally ridiulous. its done what microsofts on the way to doing: its sacrificed all functionality, speed and ease of use for a flashy modern-art looking interface!!! :x I mean come on, what is the point of a true 3D interface for the actual program?? even 3D games have a 2D interface overlayed on top. And the whole things done in openGL so at the very best the whole app is going to be no faster than the real-time engine is now. I don’t mind the real-time engine being a bit slow when theres a high polygon count, its to be expected, but theres no reason to slow the whole of the blender interface down to that speed as well. I honestly think I’d rather stick with 2.25 than upgrade to something like that.

Thats my view anyway. What do the rest of you think?

(digitalSlav) #7

you found the 1.8 manual useful? blarg that’s the reason i don’t buy the manuals now - it’s filled with the most basic of basic and utter nonsense.

(guru202) #8

Anyone else?

(bgrav) #9

Definitely. If you are interested in game design with Blender, get it. I know when I get enough money I will be buying it. It looks awesome. Also go on the e-shop site and download the preview pdfs, check them out and make a decision.