Thousand Yard

This is a character I made in Zbrush, Blender and Thea render. Just getting some sculpting practise and trying to get a photographic look.

Black and White version.

The mouth is looking a bit weird. He dont look like he is in the neutral pose. Im not sure if that is intentional or not. He seems a bit scared. Why you gave him that name? At first, I thought it`s another blender guru sci-fi competition entry. ^.^

1.000 yard stare? nice work I think more wrinkles round the eyes an mouth, you cant get that look without a life of pain

Thanks for the comments and crits, yes it is thousand yard stare. I want to do a full body next but I might go back and fix some of the problems this guy has:)

You got the texture and the material, but the wrinkles can be cleaner. The area at the top of the ears seems off, I don’t think it should pertrude so much. The iris should be closer to the center of the eye or maybe the outer eyes are tucked too far back.

And for the mouth use the grab brush with a sharp fall off and tuck them in a bit then have the lower lip tuck under the upper lip a bit.

Good job over all.