Thousands of little objects?

I am trying to model a futuristic scene in which a container of holographic cubes was blown up and the things are laying scattered everywhere. There were thousands of them in it. To be more specific about 64,000 of them. I had initially attempted to model them all in Blender of course only for things to get bogged down awful quickly. Does anyone have any tips on how I could go about more efficiently depicting this or do you, from an artistic perspective, believe there is a better way of depicting such a scene?


Are you sure you need 64,000? I’ve attached a render of about 64,000 cubes and it seems a lot. I don’t think anyone would notice if you only had a few hundred cubes. I used dupliverts on a simple grid.


It’s not necessary, no. That’s why I asked if, from an artistic perspective, there would be a better way to show it. At the same time (and something I forgot to ask in the original post), if there might be a nice way to simulate an explosion to more accurately scatter the cubes about a room.