Thow do you select multiple vertices?

How right clicking on one deselects the other one and I can’t find it in the documentation. :<

Hold down shift while clicking.

You can also border select by pressing the B key and drawing a rectangle around the vertices you want selected.

Pretty basic stuff. Its all covered in the online manual. :slight_smile: Take a looksie sometime.


And SHIFT is standard. It applies to selecting multiple Objects, Armature bones, or items in fileselect.


If you press B twice you’ll go into Brush select mode. That way you can just “draw” over the verticies that you will select (you can change the size of the brush with the mousewheel. Holding down the middle mouse button in this mode will deselect verticies.

Brush select is my favourite select mode by the way.:slight_smile:

Thanks, I didn’t know the manual was included, but then I found out it was. In. Help.
I feel like a total dumb @$$.