Thread closed.

Thread closed due some incorrect info and requests.
Thanks for opinion.

Eh, are you talking about the same Blender that I use?

Yes he is. (Cycles, Raytracing optimization, indirect lighting…then to video compositing there is many changes made recently)
I don’t know what Blender YOU are using if those things aren’t implemented in your version…

I was referring to the statement that only a small amount of people are using those features.

Are you using Render features? Render user?
And also based on my researches people prefer Blender for GE and modeling.( some for animations)

Blender is first and foremost a 3D modeling program, so of course that’s where the attention is going to go. Also, Blender development is mostly volunteer work. This means people are going to work on what they want to work on. If you feel the BGE needs more attention, then feel free to contribute some patches.

As far as community 2D filters are concerned, I don’t want to add any until the 2D filter system has been improved. And various things like soft shadows and components will have to wait until they are complete and trunk is no longer in a feature freeze.

Thank you for your opinion Moguri,you also made me understand some things.
My bad I forgot to mention the modeling feature is the most important.
About soft shadow,In the actual state, it works pretty fine and there are not many bugs,tho you are right(needs optimization)
And also the components,this could be a major change for blender,it seems is far better than the actual logic bricks.
The actual GE needs some ATI graphics card optimizations too.

I personally would like to have a lot of work done on the game engine, but that’s because I use the game engine mainly for my games. When I want to edit videos, I use Blender for that, too - I found it to be pretty easy to use. In other words, what each person uses the most is probably what they would like to see improved.

I’d like to see the GE improved since the renderer is already at one of the top tiers of capability - it can make a whole, commercial movie. However, the BGE is lagging behind quite a bit behind other commercial game engines.

Thanks for opinion Lune.
That’s true,the render system is already quite advanced and complex,but the game engine,the realtime graphics are so low.
I found that modeling is quite nice,animations are brilliant,but GE is too limited…missing lot of features.

I too think the GE seems a bit neglected by the main development team; for instance, GE features seemed to be the last added back in the transition from 2.4x to 2.5x. Apricot was more of a whimper than a bang :frowning: . However, the Blender Foundation has limited resources and can’t do everything or please everybody. We definitely should not expect any shiny new features till 2.6. There are plenty of GE developments in the works. I’m sure eventually Components and Nodal Logic will make it in, and probably others I don’t know about. So have patience, or compile your own builds :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why you have added a poll as any result from it would be meaningless. Since you posted this thread in the Game Engine forum you have natually biased it towards game engine users so you’re most likely going to get the answer you want. Those users who aren’t interested in the GE probably won’t be aware of the existence of this thread to give counter feedback.

Actually,it seems like not everyone wants GE improved,and they also can choose “The same as before” option,so the GE is not the main option to choose.
Tho is my bad,I have chosen the wrong place to post this.
Maybe someone wants to move the thread in the right place.

Actually,it seems like not everyone wants GE improved,and they also can choose “The same as before” option,so the GE is not the main option to choose.

The point is you have asked the question to an unbalanced audience of blender users which makes any poll result useless.

The whole point of polls is to be biased - you ask a group of like minded individuals what they think, and feel gratified when they reinforce your opinion.

Sarcasm complete.

I’m a GE man myself, and would pay money to get some features implemented. That said, remember how much you paid for Blender. You can always use UDK or Ogre or Chrystal Space etc.

Ok.Thanks for explaining.Maybe you can move the thread in the right place for a better result.

No. This is just another whining about the GE thread. The devs are aware of things, I promise you. And have you not seen the Google Summer Of Code GE thread, where the dev who will be working on the GE is asking for opinions? Voice your opinion there, not in yet another “Why can’t the GE compete with Unreal!!! It’s not fair! After all, I paid zero dollars for it!”

Let it go man.

Ok,looks like everyone got the message wrong,I simply wanted to know what people want to see improved in Blender. I don’t need only GE to be voted,the people can choose what they want,but was my mistake because I post it in the wrong place.
This is not sarcasm.
And I would use another game engine!! I LOVE GE!

That’s what I’m saying. Post in the Summer of Code GE thread. Another thing you can do is raise some money. Money talks. Raise $50k, and ask who wants to earn it to develop the GE. I’m perfectly serious - there are lots of ways to raise money - Flatter, ad based, micro donations etc. Talking about it doesn’t make any difference.

I don’t remember ME saying “why BGE can’t compete with Unreal”
I am sorry for making this thread…maybe a moderator could delete it.
I am sorry…I did it wrong…Blender Dev team,I apologize for this…:frowning:

Look, I apologize. Friends? I just get frustrated - there are SO many of these threads. I’m saying be passionate, yes, but do something about it. Start a website and ask for development money. Learn to code (I know…tricky). Action rather than words.