Thread: Concept Art for Film (will probably never get made)


I posted a couple of these images as ‘finished’ but the idea kept going.

So I decided to start this thread where I’ll add new Images to this as it is an ongoing process.

Lots of processes in here. Characters are base meshes from Makehuman that have then ben sculpted and texture painted into something more useful. Rigged with Mixamo to get some basic poses. Some props are Quixel mega scans, some from sketch fab and some are mine. Feel free to ask which :slight_smile:

There you have it. I’ll keep posting as I go.

Hope you like it.



Working on where the film might end up.

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A couple of new shots I worked on.

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So glad to see. I began to think I was the only one using MakeHuman.

What version of MakeHuman are you on?

I haven’t updated since August 2019 (1.1.1.).

Should I?


Not actually sure. Will let you know. Glad to meet another user :slight_smile:

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Same here. Looks good !

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1.2.0 is the version I’m on.

Been working on a skin shader. Wondering what peoples thoughts were?

Upgraded her skin shader and gave her a new jacket/

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Cheers Bart Have a great one! Happy new year! :slight_smile:

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