Thread "Normal Map causes stange shadows (PBR shader)" gone after edit?

Hello everyone,
i created a thread in the support forum under “Materials and Textures” category called “Normal Map causes stange shadows (PBR shader)”.
I dont know what’s going on, but i wanted to edit my thread and after i did the edit the whole thread was gone. I even cant edit it anymore because the edit button is gone. I also cant report it anymore :eek:. Is this a bug? Or does it need another moderator approval? I don’t want to post it again because of forum rules (doubleposts).


Hi Felix,

The reason the thread disappeared is that it went back into moderation after your edit. I’ve re-approved the thread, so it should be showing now.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Could you delete the old one so that i can post it as new one? 94 people saw the empty thread and i still need help with this problem.

If you’ve edited the original post with new information, it should be OK to bump the thread (i.e. reply to your thread so it goes back to the top of the subforum list) to let folks know that you’ve updated your question.