Thread not showing (Spam protection?)


I just posted my first thread in the finished works forum and after clicking send, it just disappeared into nothingness. I guess it might have been caught by the mighty spam filter, as it was a modeled version of a well known watch brand.

Will it still be visible after review (that’s what I assume, as it is what the welcome message i got after registration says)? I am just asking, as I nowhere see any indication of threads being in some kind of review process. It just looks like I’ve never posted anything.

Ah… and it worked :slight_smile: You may want to add this detail to the welcome message:

Posts may be caught by the sites auto-moderation. If you don’t see your post right away this is most likely what has happened. If your post does not show up within 24 hours please PM a moderator to see if they can look into it further.