Thread posted under forums problem.

I posted a thread under a forum but later i saw it was moved ?What does that mean? Secondly i think another thread of mine has been removed under the same forum and i had some useful links in it .This is causing a trouble for me .Can any body please point out these things? Thank you

Babar, these are the threads you have started
If a thread was started in the wrong forum it may have been moved by a moderator to the correct forum. Support questions in the correct support forum, discussion thread in the discussion forum, a game engine question in the Game Engine forums and so on
Below the name of the forumthere is a short description on the type of question it is used for


How would i know then under which forum to post my thread ? Because i guessed the forum was right but later the thread is moved .Secondly i would like to know are threads removed after a while ?because they always contain some useful links and the links are lost in that case .Thirdly please tell me where should i post this thread any advice would be nice. The thread i wanna post is as follows:

" Somebody please send me the link to the manual for Blender 2.57 B ".Under which forum should i post this ?

Babar, Fweeb has moved the thread asking about a link to the manual to the Support / Basics and Interface forum.
Threads are not removed unless there is a reason to remove them (forum rules).
Threads asking the same question in multiple forums would get get deleted leaving just the one thread.
If a thread is moved you’ll see a moved icon to inform users that it has been moved. Selecting that thread will also forward you to it. This moved icon will disappear after a set time.