Thread prefixes - would that improve our forum?

Hello all,

while checking the features of vBulletin (which is this forum software you are currently seeing), I noticed a feature that might help us improving our forum:


vBulletin manual:

Thread prefixes are a structured way to specify how certain topics are discussed within a forum.

You know we already have the [Solved] prefix. We are not limited to it. We can even have different prefixes for different forums ([Solved] makes not much sense in the resource forum, [Tutorial] might be better).

What do you think?
Would prefixes help our sub-forums? What prefix do you suggest for the resource forum?

For the Discussion Forum, [DEV], [THEORY], and [PYTHON] tags might be useful.

For the Resources Forum, a [TUTORIAL] tag would probably be useful, yeah.

In the game engine support and discussion, it would be nice to have [DISCUSSION] and [SUPPORT] tags to differentiate the two, then followed by sub-prefixes (maybe like what Sol has suggested in the above post). Ultimately they should actually be split into separate forums, but that isn’t likely to happen.

Thanks for your work on trying to improve the forums, Monster! ^^

I definitely think that adding pre-fixes would be useful.

Here are the prefixes that I could find useful:
Game Engine Support and discussion:
-[SUP] (or [SUPPORT])

-[TUT] (or [TUTORIAL])
-[SCR] (or even better [SCRIPT])

Something that could be nice(though I could see why you wouldn’t want this) would be the option to “bump” a thread when the first post is changed. An example would be my “Sensor Spotlight” thread. When I add a new tutorial I either need to add a new post to the thread which feels kind of spammy, or I must simply hope that people notice that it has been updated. Of course this would mean that people would possibly be able to constantly “bump” their threads without really updating the thread, which is not desirable. Just spewing off ideas :o

i not think a single forum is sufficient,
–models static

and as prefix: [GOOD] [BAD]

resource sub forums would be VERY useful, it’s a mess in there, trying to get at assets,

completely agree, is a shame since SURELY there a lot of good stuff, but found it is impossible…

Just a reminder, the poll (if we want suffixes or not) closes soon.

The poll is closed. All voters support the idea. There are lesser participants as I hoped.

I will open a new thread that we can discuss Prefixes for each subforum.